Seasonal tips for pool owners: Pool Winterizing – saves money and energy

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Seasonal tips for pool owners: Pool Winterizing – saves money and energy

What is Winterizing a Pool?

Different from closing a pool, winterizing your pool is the finale to the pool season. This means that your pool will not be used for several months, equipment is turned off, accessories are removed and the water is removed from lines and vessels.

Why You Should Winterize Your Pool?

Winterizing your pool saves future maintenance, money and time. By draining water from pipes, filters and pumps, the risk of damage from freezing is eliminated. Water left in the pool helps protect the liner and the structure from cold weather damage.

Steps for Winterizing a Pool:

  • Step 1: Remove pool accessories
  • Step 2: Deep clean the pool
  • Step 3: Adjust the water chemistry
  • Step 4: Lower the water level
  • Step 5: Drain and store the equipment
  • Step 6: Add WINTERISER (find a TOP QUALITY WINTERISER to our on line store )
  • Step 7: Cover the pool

Important Note!

Winterisation can save energy and therefore you can save money on electricity bills, whilst also ensuring your pool is ready for swimming when the weather turns warm again. By reducing chlorination and filtration, but not managing water balance, there is the risk of green algae blooms, blackspot and mustard algae.

If you are not an experienced pool owner, we are more than happy to offer you our professional service, ensuring this way the top knot condition of your pool all way round through winter.

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